Monday, October 26, 2015

Costume Try-On Night & Dance Moves to Practice

Mark your calendars! Girls (and boys if you wish) will be able to come to the Multipurpose Room after Dance Club practice on November 9th until 5pm to try on a costume. You will be able to request your preferred size for your costume. Girls will need to wear black leggings and a black cami to try on under their costumes.  

(Boys are welcome to come try on a costume too- although the boy's costumes are not as tricky to size as the girl's!) 

We had a great Dance Club practice today! You can practice the dance moves with the videos below! 

Light of Christmas: CLICK HERE

What Christmas Means to Me: CLICK HERE

Also! Try not to miss any practices, especially as we are learning new dances! You can miss three practices and/or performances and then you will be dismissed from Dance Club. 

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